Bathroom Cleaning & Restoration

SparklePro Cleaners provides top-notch cleaning and restoration services for your bathroom. Our cleaning experts use the latest cleaning technology to ensure that your bathroom is well sanitized, safe, and as spotless as possible. We make sure each surface is cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant to guarantee your safety.

We understand that each bathroom has its own unique needs and we’re committed to providing personalized cleaning solutions tailored to fit every customer’s requirements. Whether you’re looking for an intensive deep clean or sealing services, our experienced cleaning specialists will take care of it.

Our professional cleaning team also offers additional cleaning services like:

  • Regular maintenance cleaning – replenishing toilet rolls, paper towel, etc. Full disinfectant clean of toilets, cubicles, wash basins, mirrors, high-touch areas such a light switches and door handles, window and glass track cleaning, waste removal.
  • Grout cleaning and tile cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas (every 6-12 months). This includes removing dirt from the grout to protect and prevent it from tarnishing.
  • Grout tile sealing – colour and clear options available giving a brand-new look.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best cleaning and restoration services for their bathrooms – all with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today if you’re looking for reliable cleaning and restoration services at an affordable price!